Saturday, August 6, 2016

Photowalk - Inside the Periyaar restaurant

The Periyaar restaurant is right on the banks of Periyaar river, just before the Varapuzha bridge. It is very close to Lulu mall (about 6 km). They do not have a printed menu. The 'today's special' is shown to you in a tray, and you can choose according to your taste. Known for sea food. Not air conditioned. Pricing is very reasonable. By around 12 p.m lunch will be ready. By 12.30pm the rush builds up. Sunday is a holiday. The hotel closes by 4 p.m.

My favorite dishes

Chemmeen (prawns) ularthiyathu
Kozhuva peera
Duck roast
Crab roast  

Here are the photographs of the live menu...