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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The iconic Chinese fishing nets of Fort Kochi

If you like photography or if you like sunsets or both, then your trip will be incomplete if we do not capture the beauty of these Chinese fishing nets at the backdrop of the sunset in the Arabian sea. Best time is between September and April during the golden hours between 5.30 pm to 7 pm. One can buy fish of their choice and get them cooked in the nearby roadside eateries if you have the right negotiation skills. Nearby places include the St.Marys Bascilica,  Jews street, Jewish synagogue,  Dutch palace, mattancherry bazaar. If travelling from Kochi city take the public boat service from the ernakulam boat jetty.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Good times for the sunset lovers

End of August is the end of the monsoon rains as well. The skies still have fragments of clouds. I came across this sunset while driving through the container road today evening using my Samsung mobile

Friday, August 12, 2016

Walking with my camera inside the Chocolate factory

A great place to indulge in some authentic premium chocolate in the company of your loved ones. Today I am alone at the chocolate factory with a great book to indulge in 'Jesus in blue jeans'. I have a couple hours before my next appointment hence I chose this calm place to spend my time wisely. Grateful to my daughter for introducing me to chocolate factory a year back and ever since it has become my favourite place to relax within Kochi city. My favourites are the hot chocolate and the brownie. Founded and managed by Captain Kuruvilla, who spun his hobby into a successful business , chocolate factory is just opposite to saritha savitha sangetha movie theatre , adjacent to Kochi dental clinic.

Website cocoacraft.in
Facebook cocoacraftchocolatefactory

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kochi (cochin) international airport

That is kerala architecture. One of the factors making this one unique from day one. This is a green airport running entirely on solar energy.

Ada - the local delicacy

My grandmother and mother prepared ada once in a while and served as a snack along the evening coffee. Sweet coconut rolled in rice or wheat and wrapped in plantain leaves before steamed and served hot and with lots of love and care was one of the in things before the arrival of the branded junk food and the fast food joints. There are different variants of ada. Last week i was lucky to have the jack fruit ada. It was in oblivion for a while and now it has made a come back. It has again surfaced in the food stalls of Kochi international airport. Since there is no oil used, it is safe local snack while on the go.

Fishing at the backwaters

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The single egret

Kadamakudy islands have always something to offer to the photographer in you. In fact, I wanted to try out some slow shutter photography today. Then it rained, so did not carry my DSLR, instead I went with my Sony compact. The rains stopped, the lighting improved, and this little beautiful egret was waiting for me.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Photowalk - Inside the Periyaar restaurant

The Periyaar restaurant is right on the banks of Periyaar river, just before the Varapuzha bridge. It is very close to Lulu mall (about 6 km). They do not have a printed menu. The 'today's special' is shown to you in a tray, and you can choose according to your taste. Known for sea food. Not air conditioned. Pricing is very reasonable. By around 12 p.m lunch will be ready. By 12.30pm the rush builds up. Sunday is a holiday. The hotel closes by 4 p.m.

My favorite dishes

Chemmeen (prawns) ularthiyathu
Kozhuva peera
Duck roast
Crab roast  

Here are the photographs of the live menu...

Friday, August 5, 2016

Photowalk - Kadamakudy Islands

Kadamakudy islands is a cluster of small islands on the suburbs of Kochi city. Ideal for bird watching in the mornings. Can enjoy splendid sunsets during the evening. The main road cutting across paddy fields, prawn farms is ideal for cycling, walking and running. Can be reached by car or two wheeler. There are a few buses plying this way as well. Here are some of my photographs of Kadamakudy captured over several trips to Kadamakudy.


photowalk - Jewish Synagogue, Chendamangalam

street dog

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Local fish market

Photowalk : Tharavad (traditional Kerala home) at Cherthala

 Manichithra tazhu (lock)

The wheel used to pump water

The front view

Photowalk - The Jewish Synagogue, North Paravur

 If you like #history #architecture #photography then this is a must visit.

We went to North Paravur to catch the Government boat service connecting the major historical Muziris route. Fortunately we reached early, and that gave us amble time to immerse ourselves in  the heritage of the Jewish Synagogue at North Paravur and to photograph this monument. If possible, I want to go there again, as it is very near our home.  It  is within a stone's throw away from the Ernakulam city. If you like heritage, architecture, photography; you should not miss this monument. Jewish community came to Kerala for trade, along with the Dutch, Chinese and Portugese and settled in Kochi and Paravur which were the trade hubs and ports (Muziris). 

Open on all days, except Mondays.

Here are the photographs.