Saturday, September 7, 2013

A walk through Marine drive, kochi, with my camera and tripod

After experimenting with my new lumix camera for a while, the urge for some serious slow shutter photography led me to the new marine drive (the term new is very relative), because it is within the city itself. A great place to spend an evening with some brisk walking or running, enjoying the sea breeze, the beautiful view of the kochi harbour, the abandoned boat on the far end of the marine drive, great sunsets and an ideal place for photography during the golden hour. Since I went there on a week day, the place was not crowded, but on weekends, the situation could be different. If you are going there during the rainy season, please do not forget to take an umbrella along with you, as there are only very few roofed areas to protect you from the rain. Will I go there again?, Of course, I will. Here are a couple of photographs I captured there using my canon 550d, tokina wide angle lens, nd filter and tripod. Hope you will like my blog post and photographs.