Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pappan Memorial Sports Acadamy, Varapuzha, Kochi

Pappan is considered one of the legends of Indian volley ball, and he hails from the small village Varapuzha, which is on the suburbs of Kochi. Naturally, he became the role model for the budding volley ball players from this region, resulting in a string of players who served the Indian volley ball team. David sir, the silent servant leader was instrumental in spotting the talent in Pappan, when he was studying at the local school. After the death of Pappan, under the able leadership of David sir, Pappan Memorial Sports Acadamy (PMSA), was formed, with a view to promote volley ball for the larger interest of the State and Nation. Ever since it's inception, they conduct the prestigious Pappan Memorial Volley ball tournament in which prominent teams from the length and breadth of the country participates. Every year, during the summer vacation, PMSA organizes free volley ball coaching camp where around 30 youngsters are given coaching by professional coaches like Mr. Jose (ex Indian player, and Reilways coach), Mr. Devassy Kutty (Ex Indian player). Even today, David sir makes it a point to be at the coaching camp daily.

The state Minister Mr. Sharma has already laid the foundation stone for the indoor stadium, and let us hope that this will materialize soon. Kudos to the entire team who works really hard to make this dream come true.