Thursday, March 3, 2011

Masala dosa @ Kaloor BTH

BTH stands for Bharath Tourist Home, which is a well known name when it comes to good vegetarian food at reasonable pricing, served in decent surroundings. I am unable to recollect my first visit to BTH, and at the same time there is no dearth of memories to visits to the BTH near durbar hall ground, and then to Sarovaram, BTH's new venture on edappally - aroor by pass road. This is done in the famous Laurie Baker architecture, and is a nice place to have great vegetarian food and relax. The ambience is excellent. BTH has outlets across Kochi, and of these the one we love the most is Kaloor BTH (coffee shop). When they started this two decades back, it was a hut with a thatched roof, and now it is slightly better, but still maintaining the simplicity of a hut. The taste of the Masala dosa here is the best when compared to all other outlets of theirs. In some joints of theirs, you will get puttu and kadala, a kerala speciality for dinner. Anything which has more than 4 decades of existence to boast in a city has to be good, and BTH is not an exception. It is part of the heritage of the city. You must visit BTH, when you visit Kochi, next time. So in the labels column of this post apart from food, I am adding 'places to visit'as well. They do have rooms as well, and can be considered as very safe.