Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recently I installed ubuntu (linux) on my lap top, and faced problems with the wireless function. While surfing the net for a solution, I came across the, the free and open source user group at Kochi. I was amazed with the quick response by some of the volunteers to my query. Who said, the support for open source software is an issue?. The world is changing. As per Forrester, the time for open source software has come, now. It was some thing which was ahead of it's time, now it's time has come. Here is a photograph of ilug-kochi members with Richard Stallman.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unlearning QWERTY

This week, I am confined to the silence of my hotel room during the day time, because my work starts only at 4.p.m. I dont have the motivation to read the non-starter anti-corruption stories related to the organizing of the common wealth games (indeed the wealth is shared, which are meant to be forgotten within a short span, hence I did not read the news paper, and did not watch the news channels, who are just struggling to gain attention, without any swetting and risk taking, which the investigative journalism calls for. 3 days back only, i deleted my facebook account, hence there is no company from the faceless friends from the facebook community (sorry real friends on facebook….actually we met outside facebook and used facebook to be in touch. By faceless, I meant those virtual friends I made at facebook, orkut and, by spending valuable hours, at the cost of spending a few hours with my ailing and lonely mother, who is no more now (just an example….there are many others who got deprived of many many things because of my internet addiction). So, today, I am at my creative best, because of this compulsive silence derived out of  shutting myself off to digital junk.
The result, I got the time to lay my hands again on  my forgotten music lessons, to realize that computer key board is not the only key board that exists, and there exists even more melodious key boards like the key board of an electronic music key board. So Iam unlerning qwerty to start walking in this new path. In the longer run, this cross pollination may help me to create music with QWERTY as well.
There are other creative pursuits in the offing as well. Taking a cue from the TED video, which states ‘Talking about your goals’ will reduce the probability of their achievement, I am not sharing them here. Lets talk about the ‘Done’, than the ‘Will be done’

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is the child in you still alive and ticking......A scene from Cherai beach

A church in the middle of thick greenery - on the way to Thekkady

Thekkady Wild life sanctuary

Algae....during monsoon

Our ancestoral home at Varapuzha. ...This is the architecture of the sixties, and is getting extinct now.

Vallarpadam Church

Distance.......Gazing at the future.....

In the middle of Bamboos - shot at interior Kochi

A beautiful evening at the Andhakaranazhi beach, with family.

Kathakali painting on coconut - by Rosanna

Kerala Folklore Museum and theatre at Kochi

Recently I was talking to a youngster, who just spent 3 years at Bangalore for her graduation (prior to that she had spent all her years at Thiruvalla, Kerala), and had all sorts of aversion to Kerala. Like India bashing, Kerala bashing is also a hobby or fashion for some, during some parts of their lives. The perception of a place is formed by what you see there. For majority, Dubai is a great place, because they have not seen some of the very ugly faces of Dubai. For some, it could be the ugliest of the places. The perception of a place is formed by what you see there, and what you see there is determined by what you want to see there. If I see only the roads of Kerala, during the peak monsoon time, it is a hell. If I want to see the flora, fauna and experience the heritage, then it is a heaven. Whatever said and done, it is cleaner than many other places. It is greener. People are educated and clean. For a photographer, it is a heaven.

Even if I live here, there are a lot of Kerala, which I myself have not seen yet. When I visited the folklore museum at the Thevara road, Ernakulam, that feeling of 'unexplored kerala element' got reinforced. Not many know about this folklore museum. It is a great place with a well arranged, great collection of  folklore artefacts. The entire building is constructed with just stones and wood, in the ancient Kerala architectural style. The thirs floor is an auditorium where cultural programs are conducted every day evening. You will take at least 3 hours to to see the entire collection without including the cultural shows. It is owned and run by a husband and wife team (thaliath family) of Kerala. One of the must sees.

Before going there, please confirm whether it is a holiday for them or not. Here is their web site. Click here to go to their web site.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fishermen @ Cherai beach

A beautiful sunset at the Cherai beach

Motorola Milestone - after 100 days of use

I have completed almost 120 days of use of Motorola milestone smartphone, and these are the observations;
  • The screen size is one of the largest. Others are still in the catch up mode.
  • Camera is great and effective with 5MP. Others are still catching up with it...
  • The video quality is excellent 
  • The user interface of android is excellent
  • Application availability on android is excellent
  • I always wanted a phone with a physical key board (qwerty) with a touch screen. This phone gives me both, and the physical key board is big enough for easy use. 
  • Battery life could have been better. It gives approximately 6 hours of continuous use, and is the same as any other smartphone available in the market (cross checked with my friends using other phones)
  • It fell down, at least twice, and is still working.
  • Sometimes it used to get heated up. That is when lots of applications are running in the background. Once in a while killing those applications using the task killer resolved the issue. The actual solution is an operating system update, which I am unable to do, due to lack of time. 
  • The charging time for the battery is very low. It gets completely charged within 2 hours.
It is value for money. I do not feel like throwing it away right now, and that itself is a fantastic feeling. 

I feel grateful to the motorola milestone user at the Dubai duty free shop, for recomending this phone to me, when I was after apple and blackberry. Now it is available for around 24,000/- in India.

Immediate feeling after deleting my facebook account..

i feel lighter and better. As if a heavy burden is removed.

Deleting my facebook account

s ready for the big 1st (co) birthday party tomorrow! Wish us luck!. Award winning Indian ad, Whats in a name?, CWG opening ceremony was great, and closing ceremony was a diaster, Soorya festivel, Vinod Raman and Sunil raj are friends, For those that would like to donate funds for medical usage, we want to keep it all transparent. Please read the notes and PLEASE SHARE this with your friends, It is thoughts that determine action, ....

this is how my News feed at facebook looks like, and most of these are irrelevant....So far facebook has not given me anything worth while, except an illusion that I am in touch with my friends, and believe me, that is just an illusion. I am seriously thinking of deleting my facebook account. Sorry friends. 

For you to get in touch with me, use my email  abrachan (at) gmail (.) com  :-)

I am serious.  

Here goes my face book account :-) :-) :-) 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chicken 65 in the making at a thattukada (road side joint)

Some of the road side joints provide delicious food. It may be difficult to have it there itself, if you are going with family. Then it is better take it as parcel. Very often it is very hygienic because food is prepared right in front of you. The process is transparent:-) 

@Kerala, thattukada means road side food joint. the word 'thattu' has two meanings, one is eating, and the other one is temporary shed. 'Kada' means shop. So we can understand it as temporary eating joints, and it is very apt to call them so. Thattu kadas start appearing during evenings and the business goes till the wee hours of the next day. By and large, the food is fresh and delicious. It is prepared right in front of you. Earlier, the food was very economical, and to my surprise the food cost is not that different between a thattukada and a middle class hotel. Before ordering food, have look at the quality of the oil they are using, and ensure that it is not recycled for a long time. Another quick quality check could be the crowd. If it is crowded place, then it has to be good. If you want to serve the food to family, it is better to take a parcel.

Abrachan Pudussery
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One more blog GreaterKochi - from a Kochi based blogger

Here comes one more blog from me. Am I starting all these blogs just becuase it is free by google. May be. For me, starting a blog is like planting a tree. One has to start it, and then nurture it continuously till a level. Once it crosses that threshold, after that the care required is very less. One danger of starting many blogs is the dilution of effort. I have my professional blog at which talks about my professional things only. As of now, it has crossed around 1,50,000 hits. My family says that, out of these, around 50,000 is my own visits only. Yes, every day, I am eager to see it's growth. Still 100,000 visits by others really motivates me. Then I have, which is about Varapuzha village, on the suburbs of Kochi city, where my ancestoral home is. It has covered 20,000 hits. The range provided by is very narrow (that can be it's USP), and I want a larger canvass to express myself and to invite other bloggers to participate. There are many other blogs which I started  with great enthusiasm, but ended in a few days time, wasting all those sleepless nights.That is the motivation behind greaterkochi blog. Like any revolution, I am not structuring it to create a bonsai out of it. Let it grow as it is detined to be..... It can become anything. It has already started with this blog. I am dreaming about the future. As they say, if you want to achieve your goals, keep it to yourself else others will congratulate you for your noble ideas which will result in early gratification, at the cost of the original goals. Hope to come with more soon.