Monday, November 22, 2010

The Biriyani Hut Experience

With great expectations and a hungry stomach we went to Biriyani Hut, near edappally (modern bread factory), expecting great food to fill our appetite. We ordered two roti combos and one chicken biriyani along with chicken fry. Unfortunately roti combo was not available, so we had to settle down to three chicken biriyanis. First the cold drinking water came, without even asking our choice of water (bottled, ordinary, cold, warm, room temperature). We were all served with cold ordinary water, which I did not drink for fear of contamination. Then came the bright yellow plates, and they were not warm. Then it was waiting time for the food. Because of the wait, we thought that we will be served with excellent hot, steaming biriyani. Unfortunately, we were served with cold biriyani and chicken fry. Believe me, I have stomach problems after taking this cold biriyani from Biriyani Hut, where we went with great expectations. I consider this as a busy joint, becuase of it's location, not because of the quality of the food and the quality of service. They are extremely poor.