Friday, October 15, 2010

One more blog GreaterKochi - from a Kochi based blogger

Here comes one more blog from me. Am I starting all these blogs just becuase it is free by google. May be. For me, starting a blog is like planting a tree. One has to start it, and then nurture it continuously till a level. Once it crosses that threshold, after that the care required is very less. One danger of starting many blogs is the dilution of effort. I have my professional blog at which talks about my professional things only. As of now, it has crossed around 1,50,000 hits. My family says that, out of these, around 50,000 is my own visits only. Yes, every day, I am eager to see it's growth. Still 100,000 visits by others really motivates me. Then I have, which is about Varapuzha village, on the suburbs of Kochi city, where my ancestoral home is. It has covered 20,000 hits. The range provided by is very narrow (that can be it's USP), and I want a larger canvass to express myself and to invite other bloggers to participate. There are many other blogs which I started  with great enthusiasm, but ended in a few days time, wasting all those sleepless nights.That is the motivation behind greaterkochi blog. Like any revolution, I am not structuring it to create a bonsai out of it. Let it grow as it is detined to be..... It can become anything. It has already started with this blog. I am dreaming about the future. As they say, if you want to achieve your goals, keep it to yourself else others will congratulate you for your noble ideas which will result in early gratification, at the cost of the original goals. Hope to come with more soon.