Saturday, October 16, 2010

Motorola Milestone - after 100 days of use

I have completed almost 120 days of use of Motorola milestone smartphone, and these are the observations;
  • The screen size is one of the largest. Others are still in the catch up mode.
  • Camera is great and effective with 5MP. Others are still catching up with it...
  • The video quality is excellent 
  • The user interface of android is excellent
  • Application availability on android is excellent
  • I always wanted a phone with a physical key board (qwerty) with a touch screen. This phone gives me both, and the physical key board is big enough for easy use. 
  • Battery life could have been better. It gives approximately 6 hours of continuous use, and is the same as any other smartphone available in the market (cross checked with my friends using other phones)
  • It fell down, at least twice, and is still working.
  • Sometimes it used to get heated up. That is when lots of applications are running in the background. Once in a while killing those applications using the task killer resolved the issue. The actual solution is an operating system update, which I am unable to do, due to lack of time. 
  • The charging time for the battery is very low. It gets completely charged within 2 hours.
It is value for money. I do not feel like throwing it away right now, and that itself is a fantastic feeling. 

I feel grateful to the motorola milestone user at the Dubai duty free shop, for recomending this phone to me, when I was after apple and blackberry. Now it is available for around 24,000/- in India.