Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kerala Folklore Museum and theatre at Kochi

Recently I was talking to a youngster, who just spent 3 years at Bangalore for her graduation (prior to that she had spent all her years at Thiruvalla, Kerala), and had all sorts of aversion to Kerala. Like India bashing, Kerala bashing is also a hobby or fashion for some, during some parts of their lives. The perception of a place is formed by what you see there. For majority, Dubai is a great place, because they have not seen some of the very ugly faces of Dubai. For some, it could be the ugliest of the places. The perception of a place is formed by what you see there, and what you see there is determined by what you want to see there. If I see only the roads of Kerala, during the peak monsoon time, it is a hell. If I want to see the flora, fauna and experience the heritage, then it is a heaven. Whatever said and done, it is cleaner than many other places. It is greener. People are educated and clean. For a photographer, it is a heaven.

Even if I live here, there are a lot of Kerala, which I myself have not seen yet. When I visited the folklore museum at the Thevara road, Ernakulam, that feeling of 'unexplored kerala element' got reinforced. Not many know about this folklore museum. It is a great place with a well arranged, great collection of  folklore artefacts. The entire building is constructed with just stones and wood, in the ancient Kerala architectural style. The thirs floor is an auditorium where cultural programs are conducted every day evening. You will take at least 3 hours to to see the entire collection without including the cultural shows. It is owned and run by a husband and wife team (thaliath family) of Kerala. One of the must sees.

Before going there, please confirm whether it is a holiday for them or not. Here is their web site. Click here to go to their web site.