Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deleting my facebook account

s ready for the big 1st (co) birthday party tomorrow! Wish us luck!. Award winning Indian ad, Whats in a name?, CWG opening ceremony was great, and closing ceremony was a diaster, Soorya festivel, Vinod Raman and Sunil raj are friends, For those that would like to donate funds for medical usage, we want to keep it all transparent. Please read the notes and PLEASE SHARE this with your friends, It is thoughts that determine action, ....

this is how my News feed at facebook looks like, and most of these are irrelevant....So far facebook has not given me anything worth while, except an illusion that I am in touch with my friends, and believe me, that is just an illusion. I am seriously thinking of deleting my facebook account. Sorry friends. 

For you to get in touch with me, use my email  abrachan (at) gmail (.) com  :-)

I am serious.  

Here goes my face book account :-) :-) :-)