Friday, October 15, 2010

Chicken 65 in the making at a thattukada (road side joint)

Some of the road side joints provide delicious food. It may be difficult to have it there itself, if you are going with family. Then it is better take it as parcel. Very often it is very hygienic because food is prepared right in front of you. The process is transparent:-) 

@Kerala, thattukada means road side food joint. the word 'thattu' has two meanings, one is eating, and the other one is temporary shed. 'Kada' means shop. So we can understand it as temporary eating joints, and it is very apt to call them so. Thattu kadas start appearing during evenings and the business goes till the wee hours of the next day. By and large, the food is fresh and delicious. It is prepared right in front of you. Earlier, the food was very economical, and to my surprise the food cost is not that different between a thattukada and a middle class hotel. Before ordering food, have look at the quality of the oil they are using, and ensure that it is not recycled for a long time. Another quick quality check could be the crowd. If it is crowded place, then it has to be good. If you want to serve the food to family, it is better to take a parcel.

Abrachan Pudussery
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